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Our Mission

Goal of savetigers.ca

The goal of savetigers.ca is to make a major contribution to the long-term conservation of Tigers and Large Cats of the Wild, along with their habitat.

Awarness to save tigers

In the forests of Asia, we will be hands-on participants, offering funding and expertise in support of tiger conservation around the world as funds are made available..Savetigers.ca is dedicated to validating and supporting global initiatives to remove Tigers and other Large Cats from the endangered species list. Savetigers.ca will continue to educate the public about Tigers and Large Cats and the consequences to Mankind if we are not successful in reversing the demise of these majestic and charismatic animals.

Dedication of savetigers.ca

In the cities, we strive to educate the public about the endangerment of the Tiger and other Large Cats, raise funds to support the work being conducted around the world to achieve our mission.
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