What Supporters Say

“For many years, the number of tigers have been diminishing from hunting and poaching. More than ever our help is needed to protect these beautiful creatures. Creating awareness is key and we need such associations as Save Tigers to ensure this happens.”
— By Hayley

Alberta, Canada
“When we lose these and other big animal species, it puts all of us on a collision course with disaster. The trade in Tigers and their hunting for the simple pleasure of killing an animal do not represent the values of a civilized society. We should all strive to protect our heritage, not abandon common decency, not to mention our humanity. We must all try to do better, if only that future generations will applaud and our ancestors will not be ashamed.”
— By Philip
Calgary, Canada
“Saving Tigers has been a passion and personal goal for Gary Agnew over the last 10 years. He has given his time, money and professional skills to aid in the protection and development of the tiger’s survival. In this new endeavor, he will apply his previous knowledge and skills to the cause in a professional and proficient manner that will no doubt leave a legacy that he will be proud to have connected with his name.”
— By Sandy
Ontario, Canada
“Having worked in a professional capacity with Gary over the last 25 years I have come to know of his passion to speak on behalf of the Tigers. His voice and efforts needs your support!”
— By Dale
Calgary, Canada